It’s time again for another Pursue What Matters book review. This month I’m reviewing The Upside of Stress: Why Stress is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It. This is an excellent book and the content is increasingly important in our crazy world.

Stress, for many of us,  has become the disease of our time. This is made even worse with COVID and quarantine being a part of daily life. We’ve been taught that stress is bad, and that it is our responsibility to remove stress from our lives. As if that were even possible. Stress isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and perhaps it’s time we embrace the upside of stress. 

The book, Kelly McGonigal PhD, shows us that stress doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, it can be a tool for transforming our momentum. Instead of resisting our improvement, stress can fuel it.

I hope you’ll join me this week as I review this excellent book and show you how to use stress to be and do better.

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