Where Are You On Your

Leadership Journey?

Are You Barely Surviving?

Though others see you as competent and capable, and many rely on your judgment, you often feel as though you’re barely holding it together. You know leadership is challenging, but some days leave you wondering if you have what it takes to lead. Balance is elusive, and it seems that in order to lead well, you must sacrifice your own well-being.

Is this what’s required to lead? Because if it is, you’re not sure you’re up to the task. When you feel like you’re falling apart, you may be hesitant to let others know you are struggling. This is so understandable and yet it leaves you unsupported. But before you give up, know this:  

 You’re not alone. I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

  You can lead! You can’t do it alone, but you can do it.

 It’s possible to love and lead with more balance and sanity today!


Learn how to hold it together when you feel like you’re falling apart with Leadership Survival Skills.  

Are You Striving, But Not Thriving?

You are the picture of perfection, and you’re starting to realize this may be your biggest problem–you might be a raging perfectionist. You’ve spent your life striving and it’s worked really well, until it hasn’t. But it’s getting harder to ignore the costs of striving, and those costs are starting to pile up, though no one at work would ever know. In fact, you often get rewarded for all your striving at work, which is why it’s understandable that you may be afraid to relinquish perfectionistic striving.

Are you performing, pretending, and perfecting?

But let’s be honest, all this striving carries some high costs. You’re stressed out, burned out, and hollowed out. You don’t know how much more you can give. You’ve lost your passion for the work, and you’re not sure you care about what you’re striving for anymore.  Though you know you can lead, you feel disillusioned and cynical more often than you’d like to admit. Before you throw in the towel:

 It’s possible to thrive without striving. In fact, you’ll likely experience more success once you abandon perfectionist strivings. And, you’ll be more enjoyable to be around. So there’s that.

  It’s possible to reconnect to your passion for work and leadership. It’s time to kick disillusionment to the curb.

You’ll find you’re fueled by abundance and a desire to fulfill potential, not scarcity striving to prove anything to anyone.


 Identify how you’re getting in your way so you can stop striving and start thriving.  

Are You Ready To Lead with Purpose?

You know how to lead. You have built confidence, brick by brick, and you know what it takes to lead well. But more than that, you know how to lead without losing sight of what matters most. You work to strike the fine balance between love and work, and you continuously cultivate your most important relationships.  You feel a strong sense of purpose and commitment to your work, and yet recognize that you could be more effective in your role. You’re also ready to position yourself for growth opportunities. You want to contribute. You want to grow. You want to realize your potential in every aspect of your life. In every way you are thriving in your leadership, but you are ready to take your leadership to the next level.

Are you ready to optimize performance and lead with purpose?

  Purpose-driven leadership requires unwavering attention to clarity about what matters most. It’s possible to develop laser focus on mission and make decisions within the context of vision and values.

  You are courageous, which is not the absence of fear but the willingness to do what is required in the face of fear. This most often requires vulnerability, living to your values, having difficult conversations, and holding yourself and those you lead accountable.

 In order to lead with purpose, you show an unparalleled commitment to the consistent work of self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-leadership. It’s not for the faint of heart.


 Identify what purpose-driven leaders do consistently to fulfill potential.  

The Leader’s Journey is Challenging


But you don’t have to do it alone
Working at the intersection of psychology & leadership, I bring a unique perspective focused on helping you be your best both personally & professionally.

Are you overwhelmed as a leader? Maybe stress is not the problem.. 

Stress is Not the Problem, is a mini-course designed to help you challenge your beliefs about stress and discover how stress can be a secret weapon when it comes to achievement, health, and overall well-being.

Leadership Coaching

A leader’s most important work is determining what matters. Whether it comes to decision making, leading people, or setting course, I can help you clarify vision and create an empowering culture. Transformative leaders know themselves and embrace growth both at home and work. Together, we can help you harness self-awareness so you can pursue what matters.

Team Building

Even the best teams struggle with culture, communciation, connection, and conflict. I help you identify blocks to your team’s success and together we can transform your employees into a high-functioning team with clarity of purpose. Whether it’s strengthening team culture, ironing out clashes, or active intervention, I help you preserve your top commodity and ensure high-functioning teams that get the job done.

Leadership Training

Technically speaking, I talk, although I prefer active engagement with a crowd. Are you looking to build culture? Inspire your people? Provide practical resources? Let’s talk and find something worth listening to. I can provide dynamic presentations on various leadership and company culture topics, but I love collaborating to identify topics that matter to your people and that move your company forward.

As a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, I can bring Dr. Brené Brown’s ground-breaking research to your organization. Dare to Lead™ is an empirically-based courage-building program designed to teach specific skills that are measurable, observable, and teachable. 

Leadership Groups & Retreats

You’re not alone, although it can often feel that way. You need others that get it. Our dynamic leadership groups are focused on building community, addressing common themes, providing support, and trouble-shooting.  Leadership groups include virtual meetings, live Q+A sessions, a private online community, and on-going consultation.

Sometimes you just need to get away. Go away so you can come back strong. Leadership retreats allow you to take a step back so you can see more clearly with a focus on personal effectiveness, vision-building, and practical skills. You’ll work hard. You’ll play hard. You might even relax.

“Our ability to be daring leaders will never be greater than our capacity for vulnerability” – Brené Brown

Are you ready to become a more daring leader? Are you ready to bring Dare to Lead™ to your organization?

As a Certified to Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, I work closely with you to craft a customized program that meets your needs, speaks to your goals, and aligns with your vision. From powerful keynote addresses to multiple workshops sequenced throughout a training calendar, together we build interactive programming that is results-driven, evidence-based and practical. Backed by Dr. Brené Brown’s ground-breaking research, I help you develop the skills required to become a courageous leader. These skills are measurable, observable, and teachable utilizing the Dare to Lead™ curriculum.

Brené Brown teaches “Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behavior.”  Dare to Lead™ becomes a powerful vehicle for change and exponential growth when teams and organizations complete it together.

How Can I Help you on your Leadership Journey?

Whether you're barely surviving or ready to deepen your sense of purpose, I'm ready to help you on your leadership journey. As an expert in both human potential and business fundamentals, I'm passionate about holding you accountable to your commitment to growth, personal responsibility, and the consistent work of self-awareness and self-leadership. Coaching is a collaborative process focused on identifying your personal and professional goals. It's challenging and rewarding work. 


If you're ready to bring dynamic, evidence-based programing to your organization, I can work closely with you to craft leadership trainings that meet your needs and move your team along the leadership path.

If you’re ready to take action, schedule a free consultation.



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