How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Have you already forgotten them? Well stop right now, before you make or break another resolution, and let me show you a better way.

With the start of the new year comes discussions of vision, purpose, and goals, just as I’ve been discussing in in the past two episodes of the podcast. But having a vision, setting goals, and accomplishing all these things can be very overwhelming. That’s why today’s episode of the podcast is so important. Now that you’ve considered identified your vision and priorities, it’s time to set some goals. Like I mentioned in the first episode of this three-part series, I HATE New Year’s Resolutions, so today is not about resolutions. Today I will help you to set clearly defined goals with detailed plans for how to accomplish those goals.

Goal setting can be hard. It requires a level of vulnerability to sit down and write out everything you want to do and become. It also requires some courage, because the fear of failure is real! It’s easy to see why so many people avoid setting goals. While this fear is real, the benefits of goal setting far outweigh these worries. I’ll share with you some captivating research that shows the incredible benefits of goal setting.

Don’t worry, I’m not just going to tell you how great goal setting is. Today’s episode will also be all about how to set goals that will stick. To help I’ve included a free Goal Setting 101 guide. This will give you clear direction and structure to help you set goals that will transform your life for the better. Click below to download! 

* P.S. I mention the Stockdale Paradox and say it was affiliated with WWII, but it is with the Vietnam War. My apologies for that missed reference!

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