Dream big! Good advice right? It certainly can be, but what if your dreams are the very things holding you back from living the good life that dreams are meant to provide?

This week I’m continuing from last week’s episode with my three part series on preparing and planning for 2020. If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode yet, click the link down below to listen. Last week I discussed Purpose and Vision, and I related these to a mountain off in the distance. The mountain is always there, though it might not always be clear how to get there. On this episode of the podcast I’ll be talking about Path. Your Path is the journey to the Mountain and includes all the steps required to get you to your VISION. Purpose is your WHY that moves you along your PATH.

Your path is the gritty daily grind that is usually very unexciting. It is not terribly glorious, but is the key to reaching your vision. In this episode I’ll talk all about how those big dreams of yours might get in the way of you traveling down the path. Now this might sound crazy to you, but the truth is that sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve big goals that we kill all the joy of living in the process. Join me on the podcast today and I’ll show you not only how those big dreams can get in the way, but how to balance chasing your biggest dreams while maintaining integrity on your daily path.

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