Do you die a little on the inside when performance improvement is brought up? How about end of year performance reviews? Many shudder to consider annual performance reviews because at many organizations these year-end events are little more than rituals that hold small value and yet incentives are tied to them. End of year performance reviews in and of themselves hold little value for improving the quality of work at an organization.

However, continuous process improvement should be the goal of every individual at an organization. The question becomes: how can process improvement most effectively be implemented on an ongoing basis? We all want to get better, right? We want to produce quality work. We want to contribute meaningfully. When process improvement remains squarely focused on quality, then the script is flipped and it becomes less about calling team members out and more about how everyone can contribute to high quality work.

Today’s podcast challenges the idea that process improvement is a painful process. Process improvement is one of the most valuable things you can implement as a leader. It is a continuous, iterative process that requires constant learning. It requires a commitment to growth, measurement, and honest feedback.

To help guide your process improvement according to 3 simple principles, I’ve created a free resource. Take a listen to the podcast and then download the resource. Click below to download.

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