Last year, there was an estimated 11,000 new business books published! That’s nearly 1,000 per month! But you’re a busy leader, you don’t have time to sort through all the research, data, and bestseller lists to find the best books to help you improve in life and leadership. Not to worry, I”m here to help!

I’m dedicating this episode to helping you narrow down your search to some top titles in different categories of leadership books. Even within the genre of leadership, there are hundreds of different specific categories that serve different purposes and different leaders. In today’s podcast I’ll share the five categories of leadership books that every leader needs to have on his or her bookshelf and why. Of course, I’ll have some great recommendations in every category.

I’ve created a free resource with all my book recommendations so be sure to download it and keep it handy. Whether you are just establishing your leadership bookshelf or want to round out your library, these titles will strengthen your leadership. Click below to download!


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