You, like many, may have been taught from a young age to embrace hard skills. Things like math, science, or number crunching in its various forms. You might have been told that you needed these skills to thrive in the workforce and make a decent living. Is it true though?

If you joined me on the podcast last week, you’ll know I reviewed Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind. This book, written in 2006, details the research on the value of those who are right-brained and the increasing value of soft skills in today’s world. Well, the future is here! Fourteen years later, we can see how the work landscape has completely transformed from what it once was and the skills of emotional intelligence, integration, design, and meaning-making are needed more than ever.

Today I want to show you how Pink’s predictions about the value of soft skills have come true. Wherever you are in your career, regardless of whether you’ve just started a job, changed careers, or been in the same position for years, it is essential to understand the business landscape you are in. Many of us will change jobs many times throughout our lives, and even change careers. An understanding of the role of soft skills in the business environment will give you the tools to succeed in this ever more right-brained world.

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