When you were growing up were you ever told to get a real job? To do something practical, like being a lawyer, engineer, or an accountant? This mode of thinking has fulfilled societal needs for a long time, but that time is quickly coming to an end. The time for left-brained, logical thinking is necessary but no longer sufficient as we move into the conceptual age where free-thinking creatives are bringing their best gifts to bear.

Maybe you’ve heard the famous saying “innovate or die.” While this mantra has long been applied to large companies, especially those fighting to stay relevant, it now applies quite seriously to the everyday worker.

Today I’m talking all about why creativity and innovation are so important, and what our modern economy needs. Today I’m reviewing Daniel H. Pink’s fascinating book, A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future. If you are a regular listener of the podcast (I sure hope you are), you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Pink and his take on social science research and what it means for the way we lead and live.

In his book, Pink talks about six fundamental abilities that are vital to both professional success and personal fulfillment. Today I’ll walk you through each of these fundamental abilities and help you see how they can be nurtured in your life. To help you nurture these fundamental abilities, I’ve created a free guide, Tips for Cultivating a Whole New Mind. Using the teachings of the book, this resource will help you do just that–cultivate a whole new mind. Click below to download!

What if I’m in one of those left-brained, mechanical careers? That’s okay, everyone can benefit from the principles Pink teaches in his book, whether you’re an accountant or a full-time artist, there is room for creativity, innovation, and free thinking everywhere.

I hope you’ll join me this week, as we look at a vital way to thrive in love and work in our ever changing world.

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