What makes a leader? Is it the big desk or office? Maybe it’s the titles or promotions, or the letters behind your name earned through years of school. While all these things are often associated with leaders, they can give you a narrow perspective of what leadership actually is. Leadership really isn’t about titles, paychecks, or even positions. Whether you lead a family, global company, or just yourself, you are MEANT to lead. 

My goal today is to help you see that YOU are a leader. Whether your title labels you as a leader or not, you can be a leader.

We live in a world where the old rules have almost entirely been replaced. Rigid hierarchies and structure may still exist, but what counts today in our fast-paced world is influence. Can you connect with and meet the needs of others? Do people know you care and put your best foot forward? Much less important than any title is the ability to work well with others and be a good influence in your sphere of influence, whether it be big or small.

To help you recognize and achieve your potential as a leader, I’ve created the You Are Meant to Lead Worksheet. This resource will help you  see how you already lead in your life and give you the help to start thinking about how to become an even greater leader in four key leadership areas. Click the button below to download!

During this episode I’ll help you recognize not only how you lead, but how you can become an even more effective leader. I’ll talk about leading in your life, leading in your community, leading in your home, and leading at work. I’ll provide solutions to help you improve as a leader in each of these areas. I hope you’ll join me this week!

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