We live in an ADHD world with a 24 hour news cycle, social media feeds that pull us in and won’t let us go, and notifications and ticker tapes that scroll across our screens ensuring we never miss a thing. With computers, TV screens, and our smart phones constantly buzzing, chiming, and notifying, we are being driven to distraction!

You might think living in a fully connected world is a great thing, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But as I’ll share with you today, research is showing that living in such a deeply connected world has its downsides, and might actually make us more disconnected than we think.

Today on the podcast I’ll take you into the research, and help you to understand the costs that come with the benefits of living in a high-tech world. My purpose is to help you make some informed decisions about how and when to use technology, both for yourself, and for those you lead. Technology is a pretty awful master, but a terrific servant.

To help you with this I’ve created Your Focus Quick Fire Guide. This guide will provide quick, succinct solutions to help you manage the craze of media and information coming at you so you can thrive in love and work!

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