The Costs of Comparison

How often do you scroll through social media and find that you are comparing yourself to the people you are seeing on the screen? If your answer is never, then we’d like to bring you in to know how the heck you do it! For the rest of us humans, this can be a common struggle. It is natural to see others and notice all the ways they shine and how you don’t measure up. Unfortunately, it can get unhealthy when we take it seriously, which happens for most of us.

This week on the podcast, I’ll be discussing the costs of comparison. I’ll talk in depth about five specific things that hurt us when we compare ourselves to others. The biggest issue of all is that comparison prevents us from experiencing genuine connection with those around us. As we constantly rank people on a scale relative to ourselves, envying some who we see above us and mocking those who we view as below us, we instantly inhibit our ability to connect with others. When we compare we de-humanize the other. When we compare, people become objects to us. This obviously hurts our ability to communicate and trust. 

I’ll also share some ways to deal with the tendency to compare, so the costs don’t pile up. Opposite to many of the costs of comparison, the solutions mostly come down to having compassion for yourself and for those around you.

To help you apply these solutions I’ve provided a great resource titled, Free Yourself from Comparing on Social Media. This guide will give you powerful tools to fight comparison on social media, one of the places we most often compare.

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