Meetings You Don’t Hate

You likely remember the popular American TV show The Office. In it, we enjoy (or maybe cringe at), the scenes where the whole office staff is brought together for a team meeting. It’s a hilariously painful spectacle with Stanley on the back row filling in his crossword puzzle, Jim and Pam chatting to each other to survive, Creed’s freaky and slightly sociopathic comments. Ryan and Kelly’s love spats, Phyllis’s syrupy-sweet but passive-aggressive swipes at the staff, Angela’s blatant hostility, interspersed with Andy’s random singing outbursts. And of course Dwight’s brown-nosing to Michael who is desperately trying to gain control.

While I hope scenes like this aren’t like the meetings you lead or attend, they may be reminiscent of how painful some meetings can be. One study found that “46% of people would rather do an unpleasant activity like wait in line at the DMV or get a root canal than to sit in a status meeting.” Not only are so many of our meetings painful, they’re a drain on our time and energy. Another study found that employees attend an average of 62 meeting per month. 62! There are 20 work days in a typical month. So that’s an average of 3 meetings a day. Yikes!

Meetings aren’t necessarily evil, and a lot of times are needed. The problem is that most are ineffective. This week on the podcast I will give you tools to help you cut out the meetings that are wasting time and make the necessary ones much more effective. Make sure to download my freebie Planning Meetings You Don’t Hate to get you started today. Click the button to download!


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