We’ve all cracked self-deprecating jokes about our bodies. It’s a common punchline in our society, but many of us don’t want to admit that poor body image might actually be getting in the way of our success in love and work. Today on the podcast I’ll be tackling this issue with my partner in crime (or maybe we’re saving the world?), Dr. Anna Packard.

Dr. Packard is one of my best friends, my co-worker at our specialty clinic (Balance Health & Healing), and an all-around amazing psychologist. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University, she began her Clinical Psychology Doctorate. As part of her graduate degree, she  worked for two years at the Stanford Treatment Research Center on a study exploring alternative treatments for depression during pregnancy. She also did her externship at Center for Change, where I was actually her supervisor, and earned her Ph.D. in 2010.

Dr. Packard and I are deeply passionate about body image, it’s such an incredibly important issue in our society today. This issue is so pervasive that 80% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat. 10 year olds! This isn’t just a women’s issue either, 95% of college aged men are dissatisfied with their body in some way. That is a whopping number.

In today’s episode, we tackle three main things: first, we want to help you understand how pervasive body image issues are, that they’re not just a women’s issue. Second, Dr. Packard and I will help you to identify how body image concerns show up in work and leadership. Lastly, we will help you build some awareness so that if you see or hear yourself in some of the things we are discussing you will see that you’re not alone, there are costs to not addressing these issues, and there are great steps to take to address these concerns.

I hope you’ll join Anna and me on this episode. As you let go of body image concerns, it frees up so much energy for pursuing what matters.

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