You know when you find a human who is just good?

And also competent and accomplished and practices what they preach and just plain fun? Well, I found that in Lynndsey, and I am so excited for this week’s podcast because Lynndsey Eldridge of Fitbliss Fitness and Big Mountain Barbell joined me, and we talk shop about it all! Lynndsey is an amazing leader, coach, friend, and mother, and my personal fitness coach. She is with us today to share some of her wisdom on leadership and balancing roles.

I’ve worked with Lynndsey for several years now, and as a psychologist specializing in eating disorders, you can imagine I was very picky when choosing my coach. Because the unfortunate reality is that many coaches may not spread the best messages to their clients. But through research, and now through experience working with her, I know that Lynndsey is the real deal! She is passionate about training and empowering women.

I wanted Lynndsey to come onto the podcast today because she is an incredible role model and is killing it at life and leadership. Lynndsey clearly understands what her mission is as a business leader, as well as a woman, a partner, and now a new mother.

Along with being a powerful leader and successful owner of two businesses, Lynndsey is a first-generation college graduate, nationally ranked fitness athlete, wife, and a brand-new mother. She has so much to offer us, and I’m so excited for you to be able to hear what she has to share. Enjoy!

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