What if I told you that we have a serious crisis on our hands? It’s not a global pandemic and yet it may be just as dangerous to our health and well-being as a plague. The malady of the day is disconnection. Disconnection from friends, emotions, the present moment, and so much more. Ironically, living in a fully connected world reinforces disconnection. 

Disconnection is driven by incessant marketing campaigns telling us we’re not enough and we need more, social media that teaches constant comparison, and a culture of unending self-improvement at the cost of self-acceptance. Disconnection is the difference between a meaningful life with an awareness of the goodness in life, and a numb life filled with an unending search for the next achievement.

My goal with this episode is to help you better understand disconnection and why it’s a problem, assess how it might be showing up for you, and then sharing three things from the research that you can begin doing today to reconnect.

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Connection: How to Find the Life You’re Looking for in the Life You Have

Dr. Kristine Klussman

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