Are you a giver? In your efforts to be a good friend and team member, do you often find others relying on your perspective, problem-solving, and compassion? When you and I give like this, we are often highly valued by those around us, but how is all that giving working out for you personally? It turns out that givers are at greater risk for burnout, unbalanced relationships, and resentment.

But it’s not a foregone conclusion that being a giver will deplete. This week’s podcast is focused on helping you find balance as a giver. Givers who have balance in their giving and receiving reap all the incredible benefits of sharing what they have  while not dealing with the costs of imbalance. 

This week I’ll talk about how to be a giver, while still working towards and achieving your goals. I’ll talk about balancing roles, boundaries, and expectations with those around you. I’ll also help you see if you’re relying too much on a giver in your own life. I hope you’ll join me.

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