Are you ready for a new year? A new year of possibilities? Does the thought fill you with excitement or leave you with a pit of dread? Facing a new year can be daunting. Add to that the expectation of New Year’s Resolutions that almost always fail, and is it any wonder that many of us want to run the other way when we consider the year ahead, even as challenging as 2020 has been?!

Before you jump on the resolution bandwagon (please don’t jump on the resolution bandwagon), let’s take a moment to breathe. Ah, that’s better. Folks, 2020 has been rough. But you might be equally wary about 2021. You might be scared to plan. Look what good that did you last year. But here’s the thing, even though life will ultimately do what it wants with you, you can’t give your power away by not playing the game. Yes, your plans may be shot to hell, but still what if they aren’t? By having a plan, you’ll be a step ahead of everyone cowering in the corner.

This week I’m reviewing a great book from the wise Michael Hyatt that will help you in your goal setting. Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals is a fantastic book that empowers you to prioritize what matters most and provides the structure to get you to the finish line with goal achievement. If you’re feeling nervous about setting goals for the year ahead or need to strengthen your goal-setting game, you can’t miss this episode!

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