One of the hardest parts of leadership is managing the overlapping goals, tasks, and work of those you have to lead. A good team will have different individuals working on different projects with different timelines, all united in the purpose of forwarding your goal as a team. Keeping track of each of these individual projects and timelines, and making sure they are done in a way that facilitates the overall team goal is the task that you, the leader are charged with overseeing.

Just as the horizon in the distance will appear different to various people in various locations, those you lead have different horizons for work. Whether it’s the marketing team with a horizon for holiday ads and messaging, the product development team working with a horizon for next year’s line of products, or even the HR team with the horizon of the annual Christmas party, there are a lot of different horizons your team is managing. All these overlapping goals can create horizon conflict.

On this episode I’ll take you through what Horizon Conflict is, why it’s inevitable, and the dangers when left unchecked in your organization, team, or family. Understanding this concept is important not only for the top  leaders of organizations, but is vital for those who lead anywhere in the organization. Understanding horizon conflict means that you understand that you don’t know everything that’s going on with your organization, and fosters desire to work together so that your overall team goals can be achieved.

I’ve created a free resource to help you and you team. Click below to get this freebie! It will help you as an easy reminder of what is most important when managing conflicting horizons, and will give you great tools to smooth out those conflicts when they arise.



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