This week on the podcast, I’ll do another of my monthly book reviews! This month I’m talking about Clayton Christensen’s book, The Innovator’s Dilemma. This is one of the seminal business and leadership books, it is a MUST on your bookshelf. Not only is it valuable to read but, it also contains valuable action points to apply in your own business and even your life.

A common saying in the business world is, “Innovate or die,” and Christensen’s book is all about the importance of innovation to companies. In this episode I’ll talk about great examples of innovation, as well as examples of companies sticking in their ways and dying because of their lack of innovation.

Innovation is not only vital to businesses, but the lifeblood of any organization. It keeps an organization healthy, growing, and robust. Innovation is not only about finding new ways to make money, but also about keeping employees, investors, and even customers excited.

Christensen, the Harvard Business School professor, is largely considered to be a highly respected thought leader in the world of business. This book is one of many he has written but considered one of the most influential leadership books as well as a “holy book for entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.”

Christensen talks about why great companies fail to survive. It turns out that a large company’s success can of itself can be one of the biggest things that leads to company failure. Success in one aspect can blind businesses to vulnerabilities that can lead to eventual downfall. I’ll talk about these and other reasons why.

I’ll talk about some of the key insights that Christensen gives into these businesses, as well as some of solutions that he gives.

I hope you’ll check out the podcast this week!

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