In our world of self-proclaimed entrepreneurs constantly preaching hustle and posting narcissistic gym photos, sometimes it seems that humility is a thing of the past. It seems that leadership requires being intensely competitive, arrogant, and overconfident.

If you get anything from this podcast I hope it’s this: humility matters.

You cannot expect to be a great leader without being willing to be humble, look outside yourself, and work together with those you lead. We all know arrogant leaders and that they can be successful, but imagine how successful they could be if they were humble. The greatest leaders are always humble.

Humility does not mean diminishing your own accomplishments or being hard on yourself. Far from it. Humility is about self-acceptance. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Humility is all about having an accurate perception of your strengths and challenges.

In this episode I’m exploring what humility really means. I’ll tackle some commonly held myths about humility, and we’ll explore the value of humble leadership. Humility can be the difference between someone who holds the title of leader and one who is truly a leader worth following.

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