As you’ve gone up the ranks through life and observed different leaders, and now perhaps being a leader yourself, what have been the characteristics of your favorite leaders? Perhaps work-ethic, communication skills, and approachability are a few of those skills that were positive in your mind. What about asking for help?

A common complaint among many leaders is a lack of collaboration in their organizations.They are concerned that their employees or other followers are being creatively limited because they don’t work together. Why is this happening? Are we simply living in a dog-eat-dog world?

The answer is no, actually people are very happy and willing to collaborate, the issue is that we are unwilling to ask for help! So often we try and take the world on by ourselves, and we severely limit our capacity for growth and achievement when we do!

Going back to my original thoughts, have you observed that many great leaders are willing to ask for help? These individuals understand the importance of asking for help, as it not only provides benefit to them as an individual, but can create trust among team members. 

Still not sure? That’s ok, my purpose this week is to help you understand why it’s important to ask for help, and how exactly to ask for help. I promise that if you do it right, asking for help can help create a culture of teamwork in your organization, and increase the quality of your work.

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