This week, I’m talking about the twenty-ton shield that some of us carry around to protect us from hurt, rejection, and negative feedback. Turns out it’s weighing us down more than it’s helping us to thrive. What is this shield? Perfectionism.

Through the years as I’ve worked with individuals in a clinical setting, as well as working with high-achieving leaders in a coaching setting, I’ve noticed the tendency we have to constantly seek perfection as a way of protecting against criticism. Whether it’s in work, school, motherhood, fitness, or any number of other aspects of life, so many of us seek to be not just good at something, but perfect. While it may seem like seeking perfection is a good thing that shows strength and maturity, it turns out perfectionism is often a sign of fear and poor self-worth.

This drive to be perfect isn’t an altruistic, healthy feature of trying to better oneself, but most often is a result of us trying to please other people as a way of protecting ourselves from criticism. The sad thing is, we can’t control what others think, and in our efforts to impress or please we often end up alienating ourselves.

Going about life without trying to be perfect is scary, I know, but this week I am here to help you see the cost of carrying around this twenty-ton shield by striving for something that isn’t possible. I’ll discuss why perfectionism is harmful, how it shows up in your life, and some healthier ways to strive for excellence without undermining yourself or your relationships. I hope you’ll join me for this important topic!

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