Boundaries! What are they, why are they important, and how do they apply in love and work?

This week I’m here to help you answer these questions. As I’ve gotten older and developed more in my leadership roles, I have really focused on learning the importance of healthy boundaries. Boundaries sound like something reserved for those particularly bad relationships we all have. The ones that are abusive, manipulative, or just plain draining. These are obviously very important times to exercise strong boundaries.

But strong boundaries are vital to any successful relationship! Healthy, well-understood boundaries are not only key to making a good relationship survive, but they can be the key to transform it from good to great. Strong boundaries are conducive to safety in a relationship, offering greater space for deep and abiding connection between individuals in a relationship. 

Regardless of what kind of relationship it is, boundaries are an essential part of your leadership. Join me this week and learn how you can set these healthy boundaries so you can thrive in life and work.

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