Have you ever had a boss, coach, teacher, or any other type of leader that micromanaged you? Someone who was constantly correcting you, always overseeing your work, and wouldn’t let you think for yourself?

On the other hand, have you ever had a leader so disconnected that you hardly even recognized them as your leader? This person is technically in charge of you, but does so little to oversee or help with the work that you are basically doing things on your own.

Most likely, you’ve had some degree of both. The main difference between these two styles of leadership (or lack thereof), is the level of accountability between the leader and the one being led.

Finding the sweet spot in the middle of micromanaging and laissez faire-style leadership can be a fine balance, but is a really important task of leadership. Effective accountability increases efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and motivation, and so is definitely worth figuring out. But how do figure it out? Those you lead have different needs. Some need more guidance, others benefit from less direction. Where is the sweet spot?

Today’s podcast is focused on the principles of accountability and will provide a framework for helping you think about accountability so you can find the sweet spot for those you lead based on their individual needs. It’s also a great opportunity for you to take a look at your leadership style and where you might strengthen your accountability skills. To goal is to find that sweet spot of autonomy so that those you lead can focus on doing their best work. They have the guidance they need, but are not hemmed in by needless micromanagement.

To help with all of this, I’ve created a Resource, Take Action to Find the Sweet Spot of Accountability. This Resource will help you recognize how you lead, what that leadership conveys to those you lead, and how to adapt your leadership to best fit the needs of those you work with. Click below to download!


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