As you chose your career, did you feel pressure to decide early? Did you feel you would be “behind the curve” if you didn’t find a career path and specialize immediately?

This month I’m reviewing Range: Why Generalists Thrive in a Specialized World. This book, written by David Epstein, counters the general consensus that in order to succeed, individuals should specialize, and do so early. As alluded to earlier, many have felt the pressure to find a career path early in life, but this can be very limiting in today’s world.

Range talks about how specialization is actually the exception, not the rule to success. David Epstein examined some of the world’s most successful people from athletes to artists and discovered that those who were less specialized–the “jack of all trades” as they can be called–were primed to excel.

In this episode I’ll share the fascinating details of the book. I’ll discuss why these generalists are so poised to be powerful leaders and successful workers. Guess what? even if you’re firmly rooted in your career, it’s not too late to gain the advantages discussed in this book! There is always room to gain new skills and adapt to our ever-changing world. I hope you’ll join me this week as I share this fascinating book!

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