It’s been one year since I launched Pursue What Matters! For me it’s a huge milestone. It’s been a labor of love to bring you this podcast each week and I’m especially grateful for my small but mighty team. They are incredible. I’m also grateful for you, Listener. I imagine you on the other end and I hope that the messages I bring to you are helpful, hopeful, informative, and engaging. Thank you for sharing part of your valuable time with me. It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly. 

This week I’ll be talking about you. Each of us lead in important ways, although we often fail to appreciate our efforts or to see what we do as leading. And yet that’s exactly what it is! Today with the podcast I want to help you recognize your gifts of leadership so you can bring your best gifts into the world. This isn’t about ego, but it is about service and contribution. 

My hope this week is to help you understand what it takes to lead with confidence. To recognize your gifts and go forward confidently helping, serving, and leading those around you.

Here’s to another year of thriving in love and work!

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