April is often an exciting time of year with good weather, school wrapping up, and a chance to spring clean. Unfortunately this April  is not quite what we were hoping for, or expecting. Many of the things we’d usually be doing right now are no longer an option. With schools shut down, working from home, and endless Zoom meetings, we are in a truly unprecedented time. But we don’t have to let COVID-19 keep us from everything.

With all this time home, maybe you’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to do some spring cleaning, to freshen up the house or yard. This week I want to focus on spring cleaning your messy mind. This may sound a little weird, and while I admit, cleaning your mind isn’t limited to the springtime, there are many thought patterns, habits, and ruts that we get stuck in that can use an overhaul. Now is a perfect time for each of us to sit down and take a mental duster to the cobwebs in our mind.

Today I’ll talk about some common mental ruts we get ourselves caught in. I’ll share some of the most common mental blocks we allow to get in our way. I’ll also share solutions so you can banish these mental blocks.

While you’re cleaning your house and freshening up the yard, take some time with me to spring clean your mind of harmful or just plain wasteful habits, so you can move forward with new energy and a fresh outlook. I’ve also got a great freebie for you this week to help you clear out those cobwebs, so don’t miss it.

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