This week, I’m talking all about talking!

Today, I will be talking all about communication, how we do it, the good, the bad, and how we can become better communicators!

Communication is so important! A study done in 2012 found that 65% of the participants said that communication problems are the most common factors that lead to divorce. This same study also discovered some interesting information about the differences between men and women in complaints about their partner’s communication skills, which I’m excited to share with you this week.

Today I’ll introduce you to the Communication Continuum, a valuable tool for helping you gauge your communication abilities. This tool can help in any relationship, but I’ll specifically apply it to leadership roles.

On the Continuum are three different types of communicators: the avoidant, aggressive, and assertive communicators. I’ll take a deep look at each of these types of communicators and help you strike the right balance in your communication style.

I won’t just identify each communicator, I’ll also give you tools to help you improve upon your abilities to communicate clearly and constructively. I’ll talk about adapting the way you give feedback, using different metrics to clearly communicate to a team member, and the best timing for giving feedback.

I hope you’ll join me for this week’s podcast to learn how you can become a more powerful communicator!

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