Hello again! This week on the podcast I’ll be sharing with you my March book review. This week we’re talking about Kirk Strosahl and Patricia Robinson’s great book, In This Moment: Five Steps to Transcending Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroscience. 

Who needs some presence? I know I certainly do. We all do. This book is all about helping you be present, to settle into this one single moment. Life moves fast, especially with everything going on at this time in the world. It’s more essential than ever to take a step back and be present.

The world is in chaos and we are all feeling the load of it. This book and my podcast today will help you build the skills you need in order to become more resilient to the challenges we are facing. But more than that, the book gives you a solid understanding of the neuroscience behind mindfulness. Now is the time to build a strong foundation of resilience and mindfulness is the key.

I hope you’ll join me today as we discuss how you can be in this moment.

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