Networking. What a fun experience. NOT. At least that’s how many of us feel about it. So many of us feel anxious or uncomfortable at the thought of having to slap a smile on our faces in order to meet and greet strangers. But as is often the case, our fear is holding us back! Networking is such an important part of career development, and yet so many of us avoid it at all costs.

Today my purpose is to help you change your approach to networking. As with so many things in life, the issue isn’t with what we’re trying to do, but with how we are trying to do it. I believe with some simple tweaks in your approach and your attitude, you can unlock the power of networking to help you develop in your career.

I specifically and especially want to focus on why so many of us–especially women–struggle with networking. It’s hard to change something that isn’t working if you don’t understand the problem. Today I hope to help you understand why networking is a struggle, and then with that foundation, help you address those issues with practical solutions and a mindset shift.

Networking is not just good for your career, it is essential. You need networking. While this fact might be hard to accept, with today’s episode I’ll help you to overcome those barriers to this vital part of your work life.

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