Love is in the air! It’s Valentines week and for some that’s exciting, but for others it’s another reminder that their relationship may be struggling. Well, wherever you land on the relationship spectrum, today’s podcast has some great information on strengthening your most important relationship.

Nothing has more power to protect us from life’s storms than a strong marriage, while at the same time a marriage in crisis will undermine even the most resilient individual. The divorce rate in the United States is alarmingly high, and it continues to increase. Today I’ll be addressing these concerns, but more importantly how you can strengthen and protect your most important relationship. Whether you’ve been married for twenty years or two months, this episode will have helpful counsel for you.

Even if marriage is not on your horizon, this episode will help you improve communication, challenge misconceptions, and cultivate strong bonds. I hope you’ll find that love is indeed in the air, sometimes we just need to prioritize our focus to cultivate the kind of love we want. What’s true is that a good marriage is the best gift and the hardest work–the work made up of small, daily actions that add up over a lifetime. I hope today’s episode will help you better understand and apply this principle.

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