This week I’m excited to bring you another book review! On this episode I will be reviewing and discussing Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown.

Do you ever feel like life is just too much? You have so many demands pulling at you from every direction and sometimes it just gets overwhelming! How do you deal with it? Many people look for time-management books and other sources that will help them to cram everything into their schedule and manage it effectively, but the message of Essentialism is simple: you need to get rid of all the fluff and focus on what matters most.

As the title suggests, this book is all about how to do less. That doesn’t mean laziness or giving up important duties, but it is the discipline of maintaining what is important in your life, while getting rid of that which isn’t. This may sound easy, but most people who look at their schedule and make an effort to clean it up find that it’s actually quite difficult. We don’t like to displease people, so we try to find a way to say yes while still pursuing our goals. And what happens? Our biggest goals are undermined while we try cramming more “yes ma’am’s” into our days. Enough! This book, and my review today can help you give a clear no, say yes to what matters most, and–perhaps–most importantly identify the difference between the two. This is a fantastic book, and I hope you’ll join me this week as I discuss these life-focusing principles.

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