‘Tis the season!

The season for endless advertisements for the most popular toy of Christmas this year. The season for rushing from store to store trying to cross everyone off of your gift-giving list.

‘Tis the season for gritting your teeth and trying to make it through yet another Christmas party, and then doing it again the next night for your work party, church party, child’s school party, and a million other parties and events that you don’t actually want to go to.

‘Tis the season for holiday stress.

If you’re looking at your calendar for the holiday season and immediately feel the foreboding feeling of the events you need to attend, things you need to buy, all the food you need to buy (and then cook), and realize you actually don’t have any time to enjoy the “holiday” season, you’re not alone. Too often we take out all of the enjoyment of the holiday season because we are buried in obligations and expectations.

But before you lose all hope and love for the season, I’ve got a really great podcast episode this week that’s all about how to opt out of holiday stress. This week’s podcast is here to help! Opting out of holiday stress might sound like an impossible mission to you, but I guarantee you there are things you can do to make your holidays more special and much less stressful. Instead of finding ways to deal with the stress of your holiday season, I’ll be helping you opt out of that stress completely.

I also have a really great resource for you that will help you navigate all of your events (read: obligations) so you can celebrate this holiday season the way you want to, and not like a good (toy) soldier. The difference between the two can make ALL the difference in having a peaceful and joy-filled holiday season.

I hope you’ll join me this week and learn how you can make the holidays happier and less hectic. Cilck the button below to download your free worksheet!

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