Coaching vs Therapy, Is There a Difference?

Do you ever look at your life and think, “I need some outside help?” We all can benefit from an outside perspective on life at times, but the question is who might be the best fit. Social media is full of experts who claim they can fix your woes. Life coaches, therapists, business coaches, fitness coaches, executive coaches, you name it, social media has all the gurus! And while some are stellar, others are highly questionable.

Some of you may have already looked into hiring a therapist or a coach, but how do you know who will best help you? And, where do you go looking to find the best fit?  Today’s podcast has you covered. I’ll explain the differences between coaching and therapy, and help you figure out what might be the best fit for you.

Having done this work for a long time, I’ve seen some patterns, and this is the biggest one: those who are committed to growth are the ones who seek outside help. They don’t see coaching or therapy as weakness, but rather see these activities as valuable opportunities to increase self-awareness, power growth, and move to the next level in love and life.

I’m excited to discuss this topic from my unique perspective as someone who practices in both fields of therapy and  coaching. While they sound similar, I can assure you that coaching and therapy are different activities with different goals.  As part of the podcast, I’ve created a great guide to help you understand the key differences between coaching and therapy.  Be sure to listen to the podcast and then download the guide.

Though they are different, both therapy and coaching can be powerful vehicles for growth and change. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Until next time, take good care!

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