This week on the podcast, I’ll be talking about the Jonah Complex. Don’t be concerned if you haven’t heard of it before, I’ve been a psychologist for 13 years and only recently learned of this fascinating concept.

Many of us are familiar with the biblical story of Jonah, who was instructed by God to preach in Ninevah. Instead of following his directions, he got on a boat and fled. This of course didn’t turn out well as God sent a whale to swallow him whole. Needless to say, Jonah later followed God’s instructions.

You might ask what this story has to do with leadership, as it seems Jonah showed poor leadership skills. While we hopefully will never be swallowed by a whale because of shirking duties, we have a lot in common with Jonah.

What we share with Jonah, and the focus of the podcast today, is the fear of success. This may sound like a very silly, irrational fear, but it’s a real thing that many of us struggle with. Just like Jonah, we often resist the call to achieve our potential. We shy away from truly achieving!

Today I’ll show you the details that make up the Jonah Complex and, as always, give you keys to help you overcome this fear so many of us carry.

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