Have you heard that humans only use 10% of their brains?

This is a popular stat, and while it’s not entirely true, what is accurate is that as humans we often don’t utilize our full potential for growth.

You’ve probably heard the term mindset, and you may think it’s all about having a positive attitude about life.

But today I’m talking about more than just having a good attitude. Having a mindset that results in success isn’t just about being optimistic about the world, but is much more focused on how you perceive yourself.

Today, I’ll review the excellent research of Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck to show you that mindset is a simple belief about whether your intelligence, talent, and even your personality are fixed or fluid traits, and that while this is a simple belief, it has a huge impact on success, achievement, and ultimately happiness.

As you might have guessed, having a fixed mindset isn’t great. This is the state of mind that keeps us from achieving our dreams and going for gold. In the podcast I’ll talk about why that is, how to tell if you have a fixed mindset, and as always, I’ll provide solutions for cultivating a growth mindset.

To get you started on this process, I’ve got a free mindset cheatsheet to help you banish that fixed mindset and find the power of a growth mindset. Just click here or  the button down below to download!

I hope this podcast can help you discover the power of a growth mindset for yourself!

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