Did you know that your beliefs about stress can significantly alter the impact stress has on your body? Stress can lead to health-protective benefits or health-destructive costs for you. The very cool thing about this is that you get to choose your outcome. 

So many of us get stress totally wrong and then are surprised when it threatens to take us down. I am committed to helping you understand the truth about stress so you can reap the many benefits of stress (yes, you read that right) while thriving in your life. 

This podcast episode will help you:

  • Identify three stress myths and how they threaten to take you down 
  • Learn the truth about stress
  • Identify specific ways to challenge the stress myths with coping skills that work 

Don’t let stress be a trap for you any longer, listen and learn how you can change your relationship with stress so that it no longer holds you back from pursuing what truly matters. 

Stress is not the problem, is open for enrollment for two weeks only! It’s time to prioritize you. You can dive deeper into learning skills to thrive in your stress. Learn more here!

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